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The BACKUP55 product has been created from our customers' needs for an easy, reliable and affordable way to backup their Websites on Cloud.

Forget about downloading FTP files and archiving your E-mails in a thousand places. Whether you manage a static HTML Website, a Database-driven Web Application or multiple E-mail Accounts, BACKUP55 is here to backup everything on a daily basis.


BACKUP55 is powered and financed by NetShop Internet Services Ltd, an 11-year successful software house and enterprise hosting provider.


Why BACKUP55 is the ideal service

No Effort Required

Everything has been automated for you


Get Alerted when a job has finished

Incremental & Full

Daily Incremental and Weekly Full Backups


MySQL Databases Backup Supported

Website Files

FTP and all of your Website files.


Backup E-mail accounts and Messages

Backup Today

Choose your hosting platform

Standing next to you, 24/7

For bigger storage or affiliate inquiries, please drop us an e-mail.

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